Network 4.612

Network 4.612 generates evolutionary trees and networks from genetic, linguistic, and other data. Network can then provide age estimates for any ancestor in the tree.

Website and download:

Platform: Windows (can be emulated on Linux by using Wine)
Input file: multiple sequence alignment in RDF format. It can be generated by DNAsp

Steps to generate your network

  • Open the Network software;
  • Data entry / Import RDF file / continue;
  • Find the rdf file generated with DNAsp and click Open;
  • Next, click in Save. Rename the file and click Ok;
  • Close this window;
  • Click Calculate network / Network calculations / Median joining;
  • Click File / Open (choose the rdf file generated by DNAsp;
  • Click Calculate network;
  • Rename and save the file *.out;
  • Click Draw network;
  • Click File / Open (find your *.out file) and click Open.
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